Crematory for animals. Cremation.

Cremation does not burn your best memories

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       Modern cemeteries for animals have evolved and have been transformed from stone pediments and monuments into a more advanced service for creating pages of memory. The advantages are obvious. Firstly, access to the page on the Internet is possible at any time from anywhere in the world, regardless of the weather and your physical condition.
       Also this page of memory is a virtual monument in which you put your soul, you can show everyone who knew and loved your pet by simply sending them a link to the page.
       Separately it is necessary to say that the possibilities of a virtual page of memory in comparison with a cemetery for animals are much, much more extensive and not subject to aging. There is no need to clean the weeds every year. The page of memory does not rush from time, it will not be stolen, it will not be broken. Thus, for a price that is smaller by an order of magnitude, unlike monuments made of stone, concrete, iron or plastic, you get an eternal monument of your love, an incredibly beautiful one that you would never allow yourself to be in real life.
       Especially this kind became actual at cremation. After all, I want to do something extraordinarily beautiful and majestic. And it is the page of memory that gives such an opportunity, and then you can express all your feelings, pour pain, and most importantly - keep in one place all the bright memories, save photos and video. And share it all with others. This is fantastically beautiful and so necessary for all of us to prove our spirituality and humanity.
       We must not allow everything in the fire of cremation to burn out, everything that binds us - everything beautiful, kind, bright. You can save all this in pet paradise on one page of memory - a monument to your relationships, your feelings. And it will be beautiful, beautiful, absolutely and positively appreciated by others.


          Sometimes, unfortunately, we have to think about cremating animals and then we are looking for a crematorium of animals where cremation of domestic animals is made. Modern crematoria of domestic animals are equipped with new means for complete cremation of animals and giving out ashes in special urns, which can be buried or stored at home in memory of your favorite dog or cat, or parrot, or hamster, or guinea pig, or even a snake or python. You can also bury the urn with ashes in the cemetery of animals. Such pet cemetery is appropriately equipped and there are additional services for caring for the grave of your pet.

          The most tragic thing we can face is the death of your favorite dog, the death of your beloved cat or cat. If the cat, the beloved cat, or the cat died, is dear to the heart, they must necessarily go to the dog's paradise or to the cat's paradise. Paradise for animals is a paradise of domestic animals, where their souls find eternal peace and only the sadness of parting with you worries them. But their sadness will be less if, with the help of the created page of memory, you can maintain a spiritual connection with their soul and thus you will remain forever together and this gives mutual comfort and joy.

          To the great regret, the century of our smaller brothers is not long. Most cats do not live to 15-20 years. Dogs live about 10-12, and hamsters, guinea pigs and rats even less. In our century, it was incredibly popular to keep the memory of your four-footed or feathered friend, or a fish, or a turtle - as a page of memory.

          It's hard to imagine what a person who lost his favorite is experiencing. After all, as a full member of the family, he entered your life, and took an honorable place in your heart, and sometimes filled your whole soul. Together with pets you get not just a pet, but a friend, an interlocutor, a native being equal in rights to the rest of the family, and sometimes even more important than the rest.

          Usually good hosts perceive the needs and problems of animals more than their own. Their pain is perceived as their own. Seeing their joy - also rejoice as children. Listening to their gentle murmuring - the soul is filled with comfort and comfort. Hearing their joyful voices - we ourselves become happier.

          But suddenly comes an incredibly difficult moment, when we lose our source of happiness. Inside, there is emptiness and pain, an unbearable realization of the fact that there was no loved and faithful being next to you that loved you with all your heart.

         The loss of a native being, for which many our four-legged brothers become smaller, are a difficult test. Such a sad situation not only fills the heart with grief, but also contributes to the development of a depressive state, the main catalyst of which is the feeling of guilt in front of your pet.

          Perfect consolation for your departed friend and for you will be a beautiful page where you will collect and display the sincerity of your feelings, the love of your heart and the warmth of the soul.

          Paying the memory of your faithful friend and dear creatures, placing it in the paradise of pets, thereby you save for many years the bright image of your friend and let others feel the depth of your feelings.

         In the world, cremation of pets after their death has long been a common service. Ashes after cremation can be returned to the owner in different packaging options. Ritual urns can be made of glass and metal, as well as from stone of manual processing. The cost of the service depends on the weight of the animal and on the type of container in which the ashes are returned. The usual plastic container is for those who want to scatter the ashes over a clearing on which a pet loved to walk. Ceramic urns can be put at home, and people of age sometimes plan to take the urn with them.

         As practice shows, people do not always want to keep the ashes at home. In the world there is an opportunity to purchase a special set through the Internet in order to grow a tree from the ashes of a pet. You need to search the Internet for the nearest supplier of similar sets and order the delivery home.

         The "Tree of Memory" set includes a package with a special soil for trees, as well as environmentally friendly and decomposable in the ground containers for ashes and soil. Another enclosed box with seeds and a lid to create a greenhouse effect.

         In the set there are four types of trees: oak, maple, pine, spruce. After the prepared set is buried, it must be watered abundantly and covered with a lid. After the appearance of the first shoots, the lid is removed. For three years the tree reaches a height of about a meter. If you planted a spruce, then you can already decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year and know what it is, for example your favorite cat or dog.

         There are many animals, and this is the most civilized and humane way to deal with them after death or euthanized.

 Radiy Sivak  2016.12.03