Online Paradise for pets. Online cemetery of animals. Virtual Cemetery for pets

cemetery of animals

Online Paradise for pets

        Creating a page of memory for your beloved animal is the best way to express your feelings, this is also an excellent way to continue "communicating" with him.

         Besides expressing your feelings, you can also give your pets the deserved awards with the titles:


   cemetery of pets 6   


cemetery of pets 5


cemetery of pets 3


and others…


         A great opportunity to choose the design of the page is waiting for you. You can change the general background of the page according to your own taste; the substrate for medals, the portrait frame (here are shown the small copies) can also be changed::

crematorium of pets1   crematorium of pets 2 


You can also change the type of the main background on which you place your favorite pet. On the page there is a portrait and the animal itself, a bird or a fish (small copies are shown here):


cemetery of pets 1  cemetery of pets 2   cemetery of pets 3


        Your imagination and the possibilities of this site allow you to create a unique page as your taste prompts you to do it. There is also the possibility of adding unlimited text or verses. You can share your feelings and emotions, tell everyone what a wonderful and intelligent and good friend your pet was.




         In the gallery, you can upload photos of your dear animals, fish or birds to always have the opportunity to see them yourself and show them to friends, and whoever you know.

         And you have a unique opportunity to choose or upload your emotion as a photo:


kladbishe domashnih zhivotnyh   cladbische domashnih zhivotnih


                Directions on how to use:   
                 - Right-left arrows help you to select the desired picture.
                 - You can remove the medal by clicking on the red crystal between the buttons.




         If you know someone who recently or long ago lost his pet, send them a link to our site. You will help them to survive the pain of their loss and show your compassion.