How to cope with the loss of a loved pet


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      Often the loss of a pet brings people to a state that knocks out of the rut and the usual course of life. Often, people can not cope with this situation independently. Some people become isolated from grief, others write poems or songs, while others still throw out emotions that overwhelm them. The most effective way to distract from heavy thoughts - this transforms negative energy into creativity. Creating pages of memory on gives an opportunity to everyone, not endowed with talents to a person, to express their feelings beautifully, brightly, majestically.

      This site is for people who are overwhelmed by inner experiences and require withdrawal in some form. In order to survive the loss of a dog, a cat, a parrot or other pet and curb the surging wave of feelings that plague the brain and heart, a special site has been created, where every pet-affected pet can express his pain and express it in beautiful form.


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Survive the loss of pets Survive the loss of pets


      The page of memory allows you to save all the good that connects you to your pet, will not allow time to erase the bright moments of life. Text and photos on the page of memory will tell everyone who visits the page of your pet, about his or her remarkable character traits or achievements. About your love for him or her. On the strength of your feelings, devotion and respect.


      Creating a memory page on - pet paradise will allow you to fulfill your duty to the memory of a departed pet and thank for the moments of joy given. It gives a beautiful and unique opportunity to emphasize their value to you, to show that they are worthy of respect and memory..


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Survive the loss of a loved pets Survive the death of a pets


      Death of your pet, dog or cat - this is not the end of your emotional connection with them, this is the beginning of a new relationship, deeper and more beautiful thanks to the paradise for animals.


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"I love you" "My feelings for you will not go away"



      Having created a page of memory for a pet - you show your respect and do great honor for a dog, or a kitty, or a feathered friend, or another living creature. Believe me, even a parrot, a hamster, a canary or a rabbit, or even an aqua-aquarium fish is very pleasant and gratifying to realize that you keep thinking about them, that they continue to live in your heart. They become much calmer from the heat of your love. Feeling your care, their hearts are filled with gratitude. They also send you their love and devotion and perhaps their pure souls can save your souls.